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Released: November 16, 2012  |  Added: November 16, 2012 | Visits: 232

Xcode Xcode is the complete toolset for building Mac OS X and iOS applications - ┬Ł and with Xcode 4, the tools have been redesigned to be faster, easier to use, and more helpful than ever before. The Xcode IDE understands your project's every detail, identifies mistakes in both syntax and logic, and... Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $4.99 USD Size: 1024 KB Download (28): Xcode Download

Released: August 06, 2012  |  Added: August 06, 2012 | Visits: 329

Code Pilot for Xcode Code Pilot extends Xcode by adding snappy navigation through files and other parts of the project. Thanks to fuzzy search mechanism and advanced scoring system for search results, Code Pilot tries to guess what's on your mind immediately after you've typed just a few characters. Its ultimate goal... Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $14.95 USD Size: 1024 KB Download (27): Code Pilot for Xcode Download

Added: October 22, 2013 | Visits: 231

Xcode-Doc-Viewer Creates a copy of Xcode that can be used to view documentation I really hate that there isn't a separate Doc reader for the Apple Developer Documentation. What this script does is to create a copy of Xcode that you can use solely for reading the docs. The copy is named DocViewer and is given... Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 10.24 KB Download (16): Xcode-Doc-Viewer Download

Added: November 17, 2013 | Visits: 167

XCode GCC Plugin You can use GCC installed by your self with XCode now. GCC 4.5 is currently supported. Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 40.96 KB Download (16): XCode GCC Plugin Download

Released: December 02, 2014  |  Added: December 06, 2014 | Visits: 290

DataGridView Xcode The DataGrid is the central component of many applications due to its effective and usable presentation of tabular data. It has easy customizable layout and brings all the functionality you need to display data in rows and columns. Rustemsoft UIDatagrid provides with a simple, yet flexible means... Platforms: Windows

License: Shareware Cost: $189.99 USD Size: 2.97 MB Download (24): DataGridView Xcode Download

Added: August 02, 2008 | Visits: 808

Xcode SE XCode SE v2006.7 - combining an extremely high tech interface with super friendly features! Its not only a full blown audio editor but includes our most popular specialized tools. It edits, records while encoding to MP3 in real time, rips CD tracks amazing fast and provides management tools for... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 10.96 MB Download (208): Xcode SE Download

Added: January 25, 2010 | Visits: 496

Xcode Clippings Menu Xcode Clippings Menu is a plug-in for Xcode, the core component of Apple's new developer tools for OS X. The plug-in adds a new "Clippings" menu to Xcode allowing developers to quickly gain access to snippets of code and other text resources directly from the Xcode menu bar. The "clippings" are... Platforms: Mac

License: Demo Cost: $0.00 USD Download (74): Xcode Clippings Menu Download

Added: January 25, 2010 | Visits: 1.644

Java 2 SE 5.0 Xcode Template Beginning Java developers use Java 5.0 (aka 1.5) as it comes with the Scanner class which most introduction books rely on. Unfortunately, Apple's included Java Tool template for Xcode 2.2 only builds for Java 1.4.2. Java 2 SE 5.0 Xcode Template 1.0 solves this problem by allowing you to easily... Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 10 KB Download (143): Java 2 SE 5.0 Xcode Template Download

Released: August 01, 2012  |  Added: August 01, 2012 | Visits: 205

Xcode Plugins Plugins for integrating third party languages in Xcode (Objective-Caml, Fortran, Ada) - Xcode Plugin API description. Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 74.22 KB Download (28): Xcode Plugins Download

Released: September 08, 2012  |  Added: September 08, 2012 | Visits: 317

Tips and Tricks for Xcode Tips and Tricks for Xcode is a collection of useful tips to better improve your knowledge of Xcode. It is designed for someone who has experience with Xcode, but wants to improve their speed and ability to use it. It has tips for how to navigate files in Xcode, format code, use interface builder... Platforms: Mac

License: Commercial Cost: $0.99 USD Size: 46.7 MB Download (27): Tips and Tricks for Xcode Download

Released: July 19, 2012  |  Added: July 19, 2012 | Visits: 306

Spice for Xcode Designed for developers, Spice is a Source Component Manager for Xcode enabling easy re-use of code between projects. Spice for Xcode has a simple goal - making it easier and quicker to reuse code between your Xcode projects. Spice for Xcode makes it a breeze to do the following: ? Reuse a view... Platforms: Mac

License: Commercial Cost: $11.99 USD Size: 512 KB Download (35): Spice for Xcode Download

Added: October 05, 2013 | Visits: 182

XcodeColors XcodeColors is an easy-to-use SIMBL plugin for Xcode 3 & 4 developers. It was developed by Deep IT and it is absolutely free for any use (open source & commercial). This project is designed to simplify software debugging process by colorizing debugger console output. Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 61.44 KB Download (16): XcodeColors Download

Added: September 27, 2013 | Visits: 254

XcodeBracketMatcher Xcode plug-in to perform automatic pairing of message brackets XcodeBracketMatcher is an open source Xcode plug-in which will make writing Objective-C easier, by automatically inserting paired message sending brackets. Installation: 1. Open the project and build the plug-in (or download and... Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 122.88 KB Download (16): XcodeBracketMatcher Download

Added: December 01, 2013 | Visits: 267

Xcode Cappuccino Plugin After the creation of Objective-J, one of the first things Francisco did was write a new mode for his favorite text editor, SubEthaEdit. It was immediately obvious that we should try to make our favorite development environment as productive as possible. A lot of people working with Cappuccino... Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 430.08 KB Download (16): Xcode Cappuccino Plugin Download

Added: August 26, 2013 | Visits: 207

XcodeVstTemplates To install the templates, all you have to do is to copy the "VST Plugin" folder to /Developer/Library/Xcode/Project Templates. Restart Xcode, and then under File -> New Project, you should see a new category for "VST Plugin". You must also download the Steinberg VST SDK. Instructions for using... Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 51.2 KB Download (16): XcodeVstTemplates Download

Added: September 28, 2013 | Visits: 197

Expand Snippet Expand Snippet is a free AppleScript which will provide TextMate-like word expansions to applications like Xcode and TextWrangler. TextMate provides a great feature where you can type `arr` in an Objective-C document and press the tab key and have it expanded to `NSMutableArray *array =... Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 20.48 KB Download (19): Expand Snippet Download

Added: October 20, 2013 | Visits: 222

Win32Plugin Win32Plugin is an open source plug-in which gives Xcode, Apple's development environment, the possibility to fully drive a GNU c/c++ cross-compiler for MSWindows (95 and above). Win32Plugin allows a single Xcode project to build executables for Mac OS X and MS Windows platforms. Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 40.96 KB Download (16): Win32Plugin Download

Added: June 16, 2013 | Visits: 188

setversion setversion -- Xcode helper tool for updating property lists Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 40.96 KB Download (16): setversion Download

Added: June 12, 2013 | Visits: 195

EtreCode EtreCode is a set of Xcode templates that will create projects the way I want to see them. It includes both file and project templates for all types of Xcode projects that I might want to create. Basically, it keeps me from having to continually change template code that looks like:... Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 1.75 MB Download (16): EtreCode Download

Added: September 19, 2013 | Visits: 247

Data Abstract for Xcode Use Data Abstract for Xcode to build 100% native Objective-C database client applications for Mac or iPhone & iPad, using Data Abstract's time proven multi-tier architecture. The first release of Data Abstract for Xcode is available now. If you are already using one of the other editions of Data... Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $899.00 USD Size: 20.42 MB Download (18): Data Abstract for Xcode Download

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